About the Barcelona Center for Banking Studies

BCBS is a new research center based at the Universitat Pompeu Fabra and it specializes in several research areas primarily related to banking:

  • Produce research which can help to understand and manage processes in the banking sector properly.
  • Communicate research findings via events and publications.
  • Reduce the distance between academic findings and practical implications.
  • Regulation of systemic risk, pro-cyclicality, capital adequacy, liquidity regulation, systemically relevant banks and macro-prudential regulation.
  • Credit and liquidity provision by bank and non-bank financial intermediaries to corporations.
  • Corporate governance of financial institutions.
  • Liquidity, hedging and risk management by financial institutions, asset and liability management, maturity mismatch, self-insurance.
  • Monetary policy transmission channels through financial intermediaries (the risk-taking channel, unconventional monetary policy and others).
  • The transmission of financial shocks to the real economy.
  • Financial crises and systemic risk.
  • Relationship lending and the governance role of creditors in the corporate sector.
  • The role of institutional investors in the corporate sector: market finance versus banks.


Xavier Freixas

(UPF and Barcelona GSE Research Professor)

José-Luis Peydró

(ICREA-UPF and Barcelona GSE)



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