BCBS currently runs two separate seminar series on banking and finance topics sponsored by UPF and Banco d’Espana. One series is dedicated to presenters from outside UPF, while the other is a brown-bag seminar series for internal speakers. Both series will resume in early October 2017.

April 28-ROOM 24.104 AND TIME: 11:00

Hyun Shin (BIS)

April 28-ROOM 24.S05 AND TIME: 15:00

Eric Barthalon (Allianz)

May 4-ROOM 20.237-Time: 15:00

Mircea Epure (UPF). “Trusting the Family Firm? Family Control and Cultural Values during Financial Crises”

May 11-ROOM 20.053 AND TIME: 14.00

Guillaume Plantin (Science Po)

May 18-ROOM 20.057-Time: 15:00

Fred Malherbe (LBS)

May 25-ROOM 20.057-Time: 15:00

Sasha Steffen (Mannheim)

June 1-ROOM 20.057-Time: 15:00

Andrew Ellul (Indiana)

Information about the seminars of the academic year 2013-14 can be found here.

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