Junior Researchers




Juan Felipe Imbet Jiménez

 Javier Gil-Bazo

Essays in Qualitative Financial Information
Twitter and Mutual Fund Flows
  Karolis Liaudinskas

José Luis Peydró

“Banks’ risk taking after experiencing losses”
Lorenzo Pandolfi

 Xavier Freixas

The title of my job market paper is “The Dark Side of Bail-in”. The paper investigates the effects of bail-ins as the first-best resolution mechanism the regulator should adopt when dealing with financial institutions facing a distress event. In particular, the consequences of the implementation of bail-in policies on banks’ incentives to monitor and their financing capacity are explored and compared with the effects of the adoption of the alternative resolution mechanisms available to the regulator.
Andre Souza

 Christian Brownlees

 House Prices, Credit shocks and unemployment: The role of credit markets as an amplification mechanism