Recent Publications

Recent Publications by BCBS Members

Does mandatory shareholder voting prevent bad acquisitions?
Review of Financial Studies
Andrea Polo
Becht, M. and Rossi, S.

Double bank runs and liquidity risk management.
Journal of Financial Economics
Ippolito, José-Luis Peydró and Andrea Polo
Enrico Sette.

Relationship and transaction lending in a crisis.
Review of Financial Studies
Xavier Freixas
Bolton, P., Gambacorta, L.and Mistrulli, P.E

Information and investment under uncertainty.
Economic Letters
Javier Gil-Bazo
Dumitrescu, A

Recent Working Papers by BCBS Members

Peydró José-Luis: Do demand or supply factors drive bank credit,in good and crisis times? with by Gabriel Jiménez, Steven Ongena and Jesús Saurina

Peydró José-Luis: International financial integration, crises and monetary policy: evidence from the Euro area interbank crises with Puriya Abbassi, Falk Bräuning and Falko Fecht.

Peydró José-Luis and Andrea Polo: Monetary policy at work: Security and credit application registers evidence with Enrico Sette.

Brownlees Christian: Nets: Network Estimation for Time Series with Matteo Barigozzi

Freixas Xavier: Public development banks and credit market imperfections with Marcela Eslava.

Ippolito Filippo: Is Bank Debt Special for the Transmission of Monetary Policy? Evidence from the Stock Market with Ali K. Ozdagli, Ander Pérez

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