Finance and Banking Seminars

BCBS currently holds two weekly seminars: the Banco de Espana seminar series is devoted to speakers from outside the center, while the Finance Lunch seminar series is presented by members of BCBS.


Coordinator: Andrea Polo

5 october

Paul Soto (Internal)


20 october

Dmitry  Khametshin (Internal) (Friday lunch seminar 13:00-14:00)


26 october

Adrian Matray (Princeton)


23 november

José Fajardo (FGV-Fundação Getulio Vargas) (visiting IESE)


30 november

Raffaele Santioni (Banca d’Italia)


12 april

Per Stromberg (Stockholm School of Economics)


19 april

Augustin Landier (Toulose School of Economics)


26 april

Jason Sturgess (Queen Mary University of london)


3 may

Luigi Guiso (EIEF)


4 may (Friday)

Marcin Kacperczy (Imperial College)  (Friday lunch



10 may

Hans Degryse (KU Leuven)




Coordinator: Andrea Polo

September 29- Time: 15:00.

Dirk Jenter (LSE).  Good and Bad CEOS” (Joint with E. Matveyev and L. Roth)


November 17 -ROOM 20.137-Time: 15:00.

Itzhak Ben-David (Ohio State).   “Loan Product Steering in Mortgage Markets” (Joint with S. Agarwal, G. Amromin and D.D. Evanoff)


November 24-ROOM 20.137-Time: 15:00.

Ludovic Phalippou (Oxford). Private Equity Portfolio Company Fees” (Joint with C. Rauch and M. Umber)


March 17-ROOM 23.S05-Time:15:00.

Stefano Rossi  (Bocconi University). “The Information Content of Dividends: Safer Profits, Not Higher Profits” (Joint with R. Michaely and M.Weber)


March 23-ROOM 24.112-Time:15:00.

Gaston Navarro (Federal Reserve Board)”The Unemployment Accelerator”


March 30-ROOM 20.057-Time:15:00.                                                                                                                                                                                                Kjell Nyborg (Zurich). “Collateral, central bank repos, and systemic arbitrage” (Joint with F. Fecht, J. Rocholl and J. Woschitz)


April 6-ROOM 24.S05 AND TIME: 16:00

Miguel Anton (IESE). “Common Ownership, Competition, and Top Management Incentives” (Joint with F. Ederer, M. Giné and M. Schmalz)

April 28-ROOM 24.104 AND TIME: 11:00

Hyun Shin (BIS)


April 28-ROOM 24.S05 AND TIME: 15:00

Eric Barthalon (Allianz)


May 4-ROOM 20.237-Time: 15:00

Mircea Epure (UPF). “Trusting the Family Firm? Family Control and Cultural Values during Financial Crises”


May 11-ROOM 20.053 AND TIME: 14.00

Guillaume Plantin (Science Po)


May 18-ROOM 20.057-Time: 15:00

Fred Malherbe (LBS)


May 25-ROOM 20.057-Time: 15:00

Sasha Steffen (Mannheim)



Coordinator: Andrea Polo

Time : 15.00

Room and day: TBA

September 17 (joint CREI/Finance)

Oscar Jorda (UC, Davis) “Financial crisis and the great mortgaging”

October 20 : room 24.112

Marcus Opp (Berkeley)The system-wide effects of bank capital regulation on credit supply and risk-taking” (joint with M.Harris and C.C. Opp)

November 23 : room 20.283, time – 17:00

Raj Iyer (MIT) “TBA”

November 26 : room 23.S05, time-15:00

Sergio Vicente (Universidad Carlos 3 de Madrid) “Screening borrowers with credit scores”

November 27: room 24.S05, time – 15:00

Mariassunta Giannetti (Stockholm School of Economics) “TBA”


Coordinator: Andrea Polo

Day: Friday

Time: TBA

Room: TBA

October 2

Stefan Pitschner (UPF) “Real and financial reactions to liquidity shortages: Quantified narrative evidence”

October 9

Nick Garvin (UPF) “How to save a liquidity crisis: A theoretical comparison of interventions”

October 23

Jagdish Tripathy (UPF) “Financial shocks and effect of household credit on sectoral composition – evidence from Mexico ”

October 29 – Note: room 20.283, time – 14:00

Li Zhao (UPF) “Self-fulfilling fire sales, bank runs, and contagion: implications for bank capital and regulatory transparency”

October 30 – Note: room 20.283, time – 13:00

Xavier Freixas (UPF) “Public development banks and credit markets imperfections” (joint with M.Eslava)

November 12 – Note: room 20.283, time – 12:00

Loranth Gyoengyi (University of Vienna) “TBA”

November 13 – Note: room 20.283, time – 13:00

Kizkitza Pastor (UPF) “TBA”

December 15 – Note: room 20.283, time – 13:00

Stefan Gissler (Federal Reserve) “TBA”



Coordinator: Filippo Ippolito

Thursdays at 15.00

Room: 23.S05

October 17 Tano Santos (Columbia Business School) “Cream skimming in financial markets” (Joint with P. Bolton)

October 31 Joan Farre Mensa (Harvard Business School) “Do Measures of Financial Constraints Measure Financial Constraints?” (Joint with A. Ljungqvist)

December 5 John Chalmers (Lundquist College of Business) “Timely Disclosure andTransaction Costs Evidence from the Municipal Bond Market” (Joint with J. Wang and Y. Liu)

December 19 Pedro Matos (Darden Business School) “Foreign Portfolio Investment and Corporate Innovation” (Joint with J. Bena and M. A. Ferreira)

March 13 – Arturo Bris (IMD) “Insider Trading Prior to Credit Rating Downgrades? Evidence from the European Sovereign Crisis”

March 20 Gonzalo Rubio (Universidad Cardenal Herrera) “The cross-sectional variation of volatility risk premia” (Joint with A. González-Urteaga)

April 3 Andrew Winton (University of Minnesota) “Product Market Interactions and Corporate Fraud” (Joint with T. Yue Wang)

April 10 Andrea Polo (UPF) “Does Mandatory Shareholder Voting Prevent Bad Acquisitions?”

May 8 Alexander Kempf (University of Cologne) “The Impact of Duality on Managerial Decisions and Performance: Evidence from the Mutual Fund Industry” (Joint with A. Puetz and F. Sonnenburg)

May 22 Jose Jorge (Universidade do Porto) “Liquidity Freezes Under Adverse Selection” (Joint with C. M. Khan)

June 5- Lorenzo Pandolfi (UPF) “Bail-in vs Bailout: who has to pay to save banks?” For further information, please contact Sira Homs


Coordinator: Filippo Ippolito

Day: Friday

Time: 14.00

Room: 20.233

October 4 Gene Ambrocio (UPF) “Credit market screening and the extensive and intensive margins to information acquisition”

October 25 Michele Piffer (LSE) “Monetary Policy, Leverage, and Default”

November 29 Francesc Rodríguez (UPF) “Housing bubble, savings banks, and the local industry: Evidence from Spain” March 7

Mircea Epure (UPF) “Corporate Governance and Corporate Social Performance” (Joint with K. A. Desender)

March 14 Javier Gil Bazo (UPF) “Institutional Investment and Commonality in Liquidity: Evidence from Transaction Data?”

March 21 Stefan Pirschner (UPF) “Financial Risk Taking After Rare Disasters: Evidence From 9/11”

April 11 Miguel Karlo de Jesus (UPF) “Signaling During Debt Renegotiations”

April 25 Kizkitza Pastor (UAB) “The (Un)secured Debt Puzzle and Investment Policy: Evidence from U.S. Public Manufacturing Firms, 1994-2010”

May 9 Stephen Hansen (UPF) “A Theory of Vote Trading and Information Aggregation”

May 15-Vicente Cuñat (LSE) “Within-Bank Contagion of Real Estate Shocks”

May 23 Rosemarie Nagel (UPF) “Building Trust through Secondary Markets: A Lab Experiment” (Joint with F. Broner, A. Martin and J. Ventura)

June 6 Javier Gómez Biscarri (UPF) “Earnings management in nonlisted banks”

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