Finance and Banking Seminars

BCBS currently holds two weekly seminars: the Banco de Espana seminar series is devoted to speakers from outside the center, while the Finance Lunch seminar series is presented by members of BCBS.


Coordinator: Andrea Polo

Day: Thursday
Time: 16:00
Room: 24.009

---October 11 - NOTE DIFFERENT TIME: 15:00
José Fajardo (Getulio Vargas Foundation/EBAPE)

---October 18 - NOTE DIFFERENT TIME: 15:00

Bo Becker (Stockholm School of Economics)

---October 25- NOTE DIFFERENT TIME: 15:00
Enrico Sette (Bank of Italy)

---November 22
Rafael Zambrana (Nova School of Business School)

---November 27 joint with LPD Seminar Series  - NOTE TIME: 13:00
Emanuele Collonelli (Chicago Booth)

--->November 29
Marcin Kacperczyk (Imperial College London)

---December 13
Vincenzo Cuciniello (Bank of Italy)



Coordinator: Andrea Polo

--- Octubre 5
Paul Soto (Internal)

--- October 20 -Friday lunch seminar 13:00-14:00

Dmitry  Khametshin (Internal)

---October 26

Adrian Matray (Princeton)

--- November 23

José Fajardo (FGV-Fundação Getulio Vargas) (visiting IESE)

---November 30

Raffaele Santioni (Banca d’Italia)

--- April 12

Per Stromberg (Stockholm School of Economics)

--- April 19

Augustin Landier (Toulose School of Economics)

--- April 26

Jason Sturgess (Queen Mary University of london)

---May 3

Luigi Guiso (EIEF)

---May 4  -Friday lunch 13:00-14:00(

Marcin Kacperczy (Imperial College)

---May 10

Hans Degryse (KU Leuven)


Coordinator: Andrea Polo

--- September 29- Time: 15:00.

Dirk Jenter (LSE).  Good and Bad CEOS" (Joint with E. Matveyev and L. Roth)

--- November 17 -ROOM 20.137-Time: 15:00.  

Itzhak Ben-David (Ohio State).   "Loan Product Steering in Mortgage Markets" (Joint with S. Agarwal, G. Amromin and D.D. Evanoff)

--- November 24-ROOM 20.137-Time: 15:00. 

 Ludovic Phalippou (Oxford). Private Equity Portfolio Company Fees" (Joint with C. Rauch and M. Umber)

--- March 17-ROOM 23.S05-Time: 15:00.
Stefano Rossi  (Bocconi University). "The Information Content of Dividends: Safer Profits, Not Higher Profits" (Joint with R. Michaely and M.Weber)

--- March 23-ROOM 24.112-Time: 15:00
Gaston Navarro (Federal Reserve Board)"The Unemployment Accelerator"

--- March 30-ROOM 20.057-Time: 15:00.
Kjell Nyborg (Zurich). "Collateral, central bank repos, and systemic arbitrage" (Joint with F. Fecht, J. Rocholl and J. Woschitz)

---April 6-ROOM 24.S05 AND TIME: 16:00

Miguel Anton (IESE). "Common Ownership, Competition, and Top Management Incentives" (Joint with F. Ederer, M. Giné and M. Schmalz)

--- April 28-ROOM 24.104 AND TIME: 11:00

Hyun Shin (BIS) "TBA"

--- April 28-ROOM 24.S05 AND TIME: 15:00

Eric Barthalon (Allianz)

---May 4-ROOM 20.237-Time: 15:00

Mircea Epure (UPF). "Trusting the Family Firm? Family Control and Cultural Values during Financial Crises"

--- May 11-ROOM 20.053 AND TIME: 14.00

Guillaume Plantin (Science Po)

--- May 18-ROOM 20.057-Time: 15:00

Fred Malherbe (LBS)

--- May 25-ROOM 20.057-Time: 15:00

Sasha Steffen (Mannheim)

--- June 1-ROOM 20.057-Time: 15:00

Andrew Ellul (Indiana)


Coordinator: Andrea Polo

Time : 15.00

Room and day: TBA

--- September 17 (joint CREI/Finance)

Oscar Jorda (UC, Davis) "Financial crisis and the great mortgaging"

--- October 20 : room 24.112

Marcus Opp (Berkeley) "The system-wide effects of bank capital regulation on credit supply and risk-taking" (joint with M.Harris and C.C. Opp)

--- November 23 : room 20.283, time - 17:00

Raj Iyer (MIT) "TBA"

--- November 26 : room 23.S05, time-15:00

Sergio Vicente (Universidad Carlos 3 de Madrid) "Screening borrowers with credit scores"

--- November 27: room 24.S05, time - 15:00

Mariassunta Giannetti (Stockholm School of Economics) "TBA"


Coordinator: Andrea Polo

Day: Friday

Time: TBA

Room: TBA

--- October 2

Stefan Pitschner (UPF) "Real and financial reactions to liquidity shortages: Quantified narrative evidence"

--- October 9

Nick Garvin (UPF) "How to save a liquidity crisis: A theoretical comparison of interventions"

--- October 23

Jagdish Tripathy (UPF) "Financial shocks and effect of household credit on sectoral composition - evidence from Mexico "

--- October 29 - Note: room 20.283, time - 14:00

Li Zhao (UPF) "Self-fulfilling fire sales, bank runs, and contagion: implications for bank capital and regulatory transparency"

--- October 30 - Note: room 20.283, time - 13:00

Xavier Freixas (UPF) "Public development banks and credit markets imperfections" (joint with M.Eslava)

--- November 12 - Note: room 20.283, time - 12:00

Loranth Gyoengyi (University of Vienna) "TBA"

--- November 13 - Note: room 20.283, time - 13:00

Kizkitza Pastor (UPF) "TBA"

--- December 15 - Note: room 20.283, time - 13:00

Stefan Gissler (Federal Reserve) "TBA"



Coordinator: Filippo Ippolito

Thursdays at 15.00

Room: 23.S05

--- October 17 Tano Santos (Columbia Business School) "Cream skimming in financial markets" (Joint with P. Bolton)

--- October 31 Joan Farre Mensa (Harvard Business School) "Do Measures of Financial Constraints Measure Financial Constraints?" (Joint with A. Ljungqvist)

--- December 5 John Chalmers (Lundquist College of Business) "Timely Disclosure andTransaction Costs Evidence from the Municipal Bond Market" (Joint with J. Wang and Y. Liu)

--- December 19 Pedro Matos (Darden Business School) "Foreign Portfolio Investment and Corporate Innovation" (Joint with J. Bena and M. A. Ferreira)

--- March 13 - Arturo Bris (IMD) "Insider Trading Prior to Credit Rating Downgrades? Evidence from the European Sovereign Crisis"

--- March 20 Gonzalo Rubio (Universidad Cardenal Herrera) "The cross-sectional variation of volatility risk premia" (Joint with A. González-Urteaga)

--- April 3 Andrew Winton (University of Minnesota) "Product Market Interactions and Corporate Fraud" (Joint with T. Yue Wang)

--- April 10 Andrea Polo (UPF) "Does Mandatory Shareholder Voting Prevent Bad Acquisitions?"

--- May 8 Alexander Kempf (University of Cologne) "The Impact of Duality on Managerial Decisions and Performance: Evidence from the Mutual Fund Industry" (Joint with A. Puetz and F. Sonnenburg)

--- May 22 Jose Jorge (Universidade do Porto) "Liquidity Freezes Under Adverse Selection" (Joint with C. M. Khan)

--- June 5- Lorenzo Pandolfi (UPF) "Bail-in vs Bailout: who has to pay to save banks?" For further information, please contact Sira Homs


Coordinator: Filippo Ippolito

Day: Friday

Time: 14.00

Room: 20.233

--- October 4 Gene Ambrocio (UPF) "Credit market screening and the extensive and intensive margins to information acquisition"

--- October 25 Michele Piffer (LSE) "Monetary Policy, Leverage, and Default"

--- November 29 Francesc Rodríguez (UPF) "Housing bubble, savings banks, and the local industry: Evidence from Spain" March 7

Mircea Epure (UPF) "Corporate Governance and Corporate Social Performance" (Joint with K. A. Desender)

--- March 14 Javier Gil Bazo (UPF) "Institutional Investment and Commonality in Liquidity: Evidence from Transaction Data?"

--- March 21 Stefan Pirschner (UPF) "Financial Risk Taking After Rare Disasters: Evidence From 9/11"

--- April 11 Miguel Karlo de Jesus (UPF) "Signaling During Debt Renegotiations"

--- April 25 Kizkitza Pastor (UAB) "The (Un)secured Debt Puzzle and Investment Policy: Evidence from U.S. Public Manufacturing Firms, 1994-2010"

--- May 9 Stephen Hansen (UPF) "A Theory of Vote Trading and Information Aggregation"

--- May 15-Vicente Cuñat (LSE) "Within-Bank Contagion of Real Estate Shocks"

--- May 23 Rosemarie Nagel (UPF) "Building Trust through Secondary Markets: A Lab Experiment" (Joint with F. Broner, A. Martin and J. Ventura)

--- June 6 Javier Gómez Biscarri (UPF) "Earnings management in nonlisted banks"

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